A company with tradition – well-placed to cope with the future

SCHUCH - Gründer Adolf Schuch1895 – short time after the invention of the filament lamp the founder of the company Adolf Schuch produced the first waterproof lampholder for a filament lamp. It was made from porcelain. Thus, he justified his reputation as a specialist of solving problems appearing under extreme environmental conditions.

SCHUCH - Historische LeuchtenExplosion protected light fittings - the beginning

As from 1910 the first mining light fitting could be supplied to almost all mines in the Saarland as well as in the Ruhrgebiet and it could also be supplied to foreign countries such as South Africa.

Due to such activities experiences could be gained on the field of the mine gas and explosion protection. This special knowledge had been the basis to a wide-ranging manufacturing program of explosion protected light fittings that has constituted a focal point in the company since 1929.

SCHUCH - Historische Aufnahme - StraßeInnovative with a new basic material

Street light fittings and luminaires for industrial application had been a firm element of the manufacturing program of SCHUCH at that time already.

It was in the early 50s when the production of the luminaire housings from glass fibre reinforced polyester began. Since in those days this material was a comparatively new product in the production of light fittings the glass fibre mats i.e. the so-called „Prepreg“ had been produced in the SCHUCH-owned factory as well. From now on SCHUCH was the first company that put light fittings from this new material on the market.

SCHUCH - Historische Aufnahme - IndustriePioneer of modern explosion-proof luminaires

With the worldwide first explosion-proof light fitting with ECG as well as with the first explo- sion-proof luminaire for 2-pin fluorescent tubes SCHUCH became a pioneer of modern explosion- protected light fittings for fluorescent tubes. The „End-of-life Switch-off“ system of fluores- cent tubes in an explosion-proof light fitting which meanwhile has become a mandatory point in the standards as well as the first explosion-proof luminaires for induction-type lamp systems are further significant milestones documenting very spectacularly the company's innovative strength.

SCHUCH - Moderne LED LeuchteSpecialized in extreme environmental conditions

Also in the field of dust / water-proof light fittings SCHUCH has done a good pioneer work. The first dust / water-proof light fitting from glass fibre reinforced polyester and the first foamed gasket instead of the inserted rubber gasket are nowadays a standard of the martket and closely connected with the name of the company.

For more than 60 years SCHUCH has produced glass fibre reinforced polyester light fittings and owns a broad know-how in this field. Chemical and thermal resistance as well as a high stability of this material have successfully stood the test especially in the industrial application.

Nowadays and in future - most modern technics

The modern LED technics takes over a continuously wider scope in the product portfolio of SCHUCH. Especially its application in the industrial field is a fascinating challenge for the future.