The invention of the incandescent lamp was just a few years past, when Adolf SCHUCH founded the company in 1895. Fascinated by this new technology, he worked on lighting solutions for areas with harsh ambient conditions, such as wet rooms in breweries, leather factories and ex-hazardous areas in petro-chemical industries and mining.

The company has grown over generations due to innovative power, foresight and its highly motivated and engaged employees, reaching an outstanding international reputation as a lighting specialist and becoming one of the leading enterprises in this business.

1895 - 1919
The Beginning

SCHUCH grows fast to an expert in developing lighting solutions for extreme environmental conditions


  • Adolf Schuch founded the company Adolf Schuch Elektrotechnische Fabrik in Worms at the river Rhein on March 2nd, 1895. He started the production of waterproof porcelain sockets for incandescent lamps as well as waterproof porcelain hand lamps with protective glass for wet rooms in the industry.


  • With the production of the first street light fitting and wall bracket, SCHUCH enters the market segment of municipal outdoor lighting.


  • The first explosion protected mining light fittings were delivered to coal mines in the Ruhr region, the Saarland as well as mines in South Africa.


  • The outdoor luminaire portfolio has grown further. Cast cover fittings for metal filament lamps, globe and wall light fittings with polished glass are just as much a part of the portfolio as rope supported street light fittings with reflectors and a large number of brackets and wall arms with artistic decorations.


  • Kurt Schuch, the son of the company founder, is appointed company manager.

Adolf Schuch portrait

1920 - 1939
25 Years Schuch

SCHUCH develops to a pioneer for explosion protected light fittings

25 years of SCHUCH


  • Explosion protected luminaires has developed to the basis of the whole manufacturing program. SCHUCH became a pioneer for ex-protected light fittings, junction boxes, switches and sockets.


  • The son-in-law, Dr Walter Pfaffenberger, joins the company and takes over the management of domestic and international sales.


  • Industrial light fittings, oval cast light fittings, ceiling and pendant light fittings up to 1,000 W as well as narrow, semi-narrow and inclined beam floodlights up to 2,000 W for illumination of industrial plants has become part of the product range.


  • The company founder Adolf Schuch dies. Dr Walter Pfaffenberger and Kurt Schuch manage the company.


  • SCHUCH introduces the first gas-tight cast-iron pendant light fitting ("completely hermetically sealed") onto the market.


  • Further luminaires for special applications follow, e.g. oven lamps, barrel illumination for breweries and wineries as well as special fittings, e.g. stable and cellar switches, air protection cylinders with blue glass.
  • Introduction of the first modern pole-top luminaire (Type 10538) for parks in mushroom-shape.

1940 - 1945
50 Years Schuch

Destruction and reconstruction


  • Destruction of most of the company premises as a result of World War II.
  • The production continues in the neighbouring premises of Lederwerke Doerr + Reinhard GmbH.


  • After the death of Luise Schuch, the wife of the company founder, Mr and Mrs Pfaffenberger and Kurt Schuch become the owners of the company.


  • Destruction of all company and backup premises as a result of intense bombing of Worms on February 21, 1945.
  • Already in the summer, the reconstruction of the company starts.
  • Launch of an improvised manufacturing program for night lamps, desk lamps, workplace and shop lamps, due to deficiency in raw materials.


1946 - 1959
Pioneer spirit awakens

SCHUCH discovers new product areas

Pioneer Spirit Awakens


  • The production of explosion-protected light fittings, street light fittings and industrial and special-purpose light fittings of all types was restarted.


  • New lamp technologies capture the market. With the production of the first general-diffuse luminaire for fluorescent tubes, SCHUCH enters the market of damp-proof linear luminaires.
  • In the mid of the 50s, the first Ex-proof linear luminaires for fluorescent tubes follows as well as street and high bay light fittings for high pressure mercury lamps.


  • Karl-Werner Gutjahr, Kurt Schuch's son-in-law, joins the company.


  • Engineer Hans-Joachim Pfaffenberger, son of Dr Walter Pfaffenberger, follows just one year later.


  • With the experience of 50 years as a manufacturer of sturdy high quality light fittings for rough industrial applications, SCHUCH recognises the potential and the advantages of glass fibre reinforced polyester for luminaires. The industry-wide first damp-proof luminaire with a glass fibre reinforced polyester housing was introduced onto the market.
  • Soon afterwards, explosion protected light fittings and street light fittings follow.


  • The company enlarged its working and storage areas by more than 14,000 m².

1960 - 1969
The new plant grows...

...as well as the product range and the manufacturing depth


  • The plant in the "Römerstraße", located right in the centre of Worms, bursts at the seams. A new modern plant "Werk II" is built in the "Mainzer Straße" in Worms with a total of 40,000 m2.


  • After Kurt Schuch falls seriously ill, Dr Walter Pfaffenberger takes over sole management of the company.


  • The production mostly move into the new plant, including glass fibre reinforced polyester pressings and a fully automatic powder-coating line.


  • The explosion proof and damp proof product range now include linear luminaires with comfortable internal locking system, which minimise the time spent on lamp replacement and  provides a smooth surface and an appealing design.


  • Kurt Schuch passed away in July 1967.


  • A 16,000 m² office and manufacturing building is built.
  • Hans-Joachim Pfaffenberger and Karl-Werner Gutjahr are appointed Managing Directors.

1960-1969 Collage

1970 - 1989
75 Years Schuch

As a leading innovator, SCHUCH largely shapes the development of modern explosion protected linear luminaires

75 years of SCHUCH


  • Numerous patents and registered designs prove SCHUCH's extensive significance in the explosion protected light fittings market.


  • Dr Walter Pfaffenberger passes away on 28 January.


  • A foamed polyurethane gasket is used in waterproof light fittings for the first time, which automates the manufacturing step "gasket pasting".
  • Production of the first industrial high bay light fitting made of glass fibre reinforced polyester especially for application in very aggressive environment, such as in galvanising plants, compost systems, steeping plants, etc. SCHUCH is known for its problem solving competence, especially for difficult operating conditions. 


  • Karl-Werner Gutjahr passes away on 21 August. Hans-Joachim Pfaffenberger is the sole managing director.


  • After substantial development work, SCHUCH introduces world‘s first  explosion-protected linear light fitting with electronic control gear. Only a few years later, SCHUCH presents the first explosion-protected linear light fitting for standard 2-pin fluorescent tubes. A pioneering solution that enables to generally use conventional fluorescent tubes in explosion-protected light fittings.

1990 - 1999
100 Years Schuch

Perfect quality - Finest proof of a clear strategy


  • Business administration graduate Carlo Wolf, Hans-Joachim Pfaffenberger's son-in-law, joins the company as a member of the management board.


  • First certification as per DIN ISO 9001. The total quality management includes all company activities, products and production areas.


  • World‘s first approval to use an explosion-protected ECG with an “end-of-life” cut-off system. It was immediately accepted as a mandatory standard requirement. This was another important milestone that had documented SCHUCH’s innovative strength.


  • Being a manufacturer of explosion-protected light fittings and components, SCHUCH, moreover, is subject to a strong supervision by PTB with regard to quality control as per DIN EN/IEC 80079-34. The routine surveillance audits have been successfully carried out and reconfirmed by a certificate.

100 years of SCHUCH

2000 - 2009
The LED era begins

The LED technology revolutionises lighting

LED Collage


  • The new technology leads to revolutionary changes in all company activities and areas. The increasing complexity and even shorter development cycles will challenge us in the future.


  • Establishment of a new highly skilled engineering department that focuses on energy efficient LED lighting solutions.
  • Within just a few years, a complete LED product range is successfully introduced onto the market.


  • Carlo Wolf takes over the management from Hans-Joachim Pfaffenberger.


  • By the end of the decade, two product portfolios are available for almost every product group. The classic conventional product portfolio with perfected and proven light fittings as well as the modern LED product portfolio with energy efficient LED solutions. 

2010 - 2019
The LED product range grows rapidly

New megatrends such as smart lighting and sustainability are the development drivers of innovative lighting solutions


  • After extensive development and standardisation work, the first explosion-protected LED light fitting was introduced.


  • In April, graduate engineer Nicolai Wolf, son of Carlo Wolf and Gabi Pfaffenberger-Wolf, joins the company.
  • He will be succeeded in September by his brother, business graduate Aljoscha Wolf.


  • With the light fitting series 161 VARIO, SCHUCH introduces the first luminaire with adjustable luminous flux. The possibility of setting the optimal luminous flux results in maximum energy saving.



  • Think about tomorrow today! RFL light fittings, that are prepared for easy retrofitting of light management systems, provide flexibility.
  • SCHUCH is intensively concerns itself with the influence of harmful gases on led light fittings. This leads to the RESISTANT product series for the application in harmful gas environments. 
  • Hans-Joachim Pfaffenberger passes away on 8 August.

2012 collage

2020 -
125 Years Schuch

Tradition and innovation

125 years of SCHUCH


  • Now in its 5th generation, SCHUCH has been working competently, innovatively and with a passion for good lighting for 125 years. Unfortunately, an anniversary celebration is not possible due to the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, all employees receive a handsome anniversary bonus.
  • Nicolai Wolf and Aljoscha Wolf take over the management areas of technology/production and sales/administration respectively.
  • SCHUCH has been on its way to becoming a climate-neutral company for years. The most important milestones to date: the energy-efficient refurbishment of the main building including the conversion of the factory lighting to LED, the installation of a PV system on over 3,000 m² of roof area, the purchase of the first electric vehicles and the development of a charging infrastructure.


  • Introduction of the new, cross-series GreenLine product line.
  • These outstandingly sustainable luminaires already fulfil the expected future European ecodesign requirements for sustainable products. 13 criteria, which are regularly reviewed and adjusted if necessary, ensure absolute transparency.
GreeLine Icon