Emergency Light Fittings

Darkness means fear. Especially in buildings with a lot of people inside at the same time who are ignorant of the place panic will come up if the light fails. For this reason and acc. to the relevant laws a safety light system must be installed if in case of a mains failure an accident risk may come up.

A safety light system fulfilling the standards supplies a safe light. Legitimate principles are amongst others the Workplace Ordinance and the relevant Work Place Regulation.

A broad product line

SCHUCH can offer ideal solutions for all cases of application for a safety light system at work places where the escape routes are subject to a dangerous situation. Light fittings with built-in batteries are available up to group and central battery systems.

An emergency version is available for almost every luminaire out of the considerable product line.In this respect the actual roundup shows just a small section out of the SCHUCH delivery programme.

SCHUCH - Notleuchten Kraftwerk

Special applications and areas of applications

SCHUCH - Notleuchten WindkraftSCHUCH - NotleuchtenSCHUCH is a qualified partner for highly efficient LED solutions and special applications, too.

LED luminaires become more and more a standard solution with regard to the identification and illumination of escape routes. The lowest connection powers are good enough for illuminating the pictograms under consideration of the standards and by applying the relevant optics escape route light fittings may be installed at longer distances between the light point sources.

Always in cases where particular conditions of application like for instance high ambient temperatures are present special solutions are necessary.

In power plants, waste incineration plants, recyling plants, chemical factories, canteen kitchens, bakeries etc. ambient temperatures of +50°C are not a rarity. Also in such cases SCHUCH light fittings will be a great help for safely illuminating and identifying any escape routes.


Note: Battery Law (BattG)

Users are obliged by law to return used batteries and accumulators. You may hand such old batteries and accumulators over to public collection points at your community or you may send these old accumulators incorporated in our products back to SCHUCH free home delivery.