Outdoor Light Fittings

Also this range of production has been a firm element of the manufacturing program of the company since the very beginning.

SCHUCH Außenleuchten

SCHUCH AußenleuchtenSCHUCH AußenleuchtenSCHUCH AußenleuchtenSpecial requirements need special solutions

The outdoor lighting especially the street lighting system must create good visibility conditions for all traffic situations. This improves the safety in the road traffic, it reduces the danger of accident and it safeguards against robberies and nuisances in public and private traffic places.

Further requirements are cost effectiveness and aesthetics. It is expected that the luminaires are easy to mount and to maintain and that they reach an appropriate length of life. The optical systems must be light technically optimized and it must be in favour of energy saving lamps.

The configuration of the installation will be evaluated in the daytime as well. For this reason it shall fit in the circulation place as much as possible. A great attention must be drawn to the fact that the privacy of the residents is not influenced and this point concerns especially unreasonable light emissions.

Exterior lighting shall, however, also follow urbanistic and architectural characteristics and it shall harmoniously fit into the overall picture and set priorities by an attractive design, material and colour.


Economical and ecological

Besides safety and attractivity economical and ecological elements are nowadays excellent parameters of an outstanding importance. Energy efficiency and environmental relief from damaging CO2 are a mega tendency – also pushed by the EU and by the lawmaker. This situation highly leads to an application of modern lamp systems such as ceramic burner lamps and LED light fittings. Especially the LED technics are about to revolutionize the outdoor illumination.

SCHUCH has met the challenge in good time by offering a considerable range of technical and decorative LED luminaires with which a highly economical illumination of streets and walkways is possible by meeting the lighting standards.