Explosion Protected Light Fittings

For more than a century SCHUCH has been considered a specialist for solving problems with particular reference to extreme environmental conditions. This point particularly relates to explosion-protected light fittings.

The results coming from the SCHUCH's own research and development work serve for continuously providing the market with new impulses. For instance SCHUCH has significantly influenced the development of the explosion-proof light fittings for fluorescent tubes which are on the market nowadays as well as of the relevant standards.

SCHUCH - Explosionsgeschützte Leuchten

Impressive Innovation Force


SCHUCH BomberWorldwide one of the most substantial manufacturing programs

On the whole area of explosion-protected light fittings SCHUCH again and again sets a mark for innovation like it is shown with the ex-proof light fittings for induction-type lamps. Worldwide SCHUCH disposes of one of the most versatile programs in the illumination technics for the gas as well as for the dust explosion protection.