LUXANO 2 – the multi-talent

Simply ingenious and versatile – The right solution for every requirement

What makes our LUXANO 2 damp-proof light fitting so successful? The answer is simple: the well-known high quality of SCHUCH at extraordinarily attractive prices. It is also a true all-rounder with its wide range of variants. Its high quality in particular enables it to be used in a wide range of applications. We emphasise the high reliability of the LUXANO 2 with a 5-year guarantee. 
Our LUXANO 2 proves that high quality and a favourable price need not be opposites.

LUXANO 2 ‒ Wide range of variants

VARIO: Extremely flexible and economical

Replace four conventional types from 1x36W to 2x58W with a single LED luminaire type. This is extremely economical, flexible and enables maximum standardisation and optimum storage. The luminous flux is set on site without tools when the luminaire is installed and can be changed at any time. Also suitable for use in unprotected outdoor areas and in the food industry.

To all VARIO versions ❯

Anwendungsbild LUXANO 2 HE VARIO
Highest efficiency meets flexibility

As the TOP version of the range, the LUXANO 2 HE VARIO combines two important benefits: flexibility and maximum efficiency. Its luminous flux can be adjusted at any time without tools using a dip switch in the luminaire and its energy consumption is significantly reduced thanks to the highly efficient LED system.

Further product details of the LUXANO 2 HE VARIO ❯

High luminous flux for more light

The latest LUXANO 2 15L100 version with almost 11,000 lm luminous flux enables the luminaire to be used in areas with increased visual requirements or at mounting heights of up to 4.5 m, thus opening up new areas of ­application.

Further product details of the LUXANO 2 15L100 ❯

Anwendungsbild LUXANO 2 15L100

Anwendungsbild LUXANO 2 HE CS
Smart Controlled via radio

Intelligently controlled luminaires desired but no DALI cable available? Then there is the LUXANO 2 HE CS, which can be controlled wirelessly and ­extremely conveniently via our LIMAS Air light management system using an app. An extensive portfolio of sensors and actuators is available for this purpose.

Further product details of the LUXANO 2 HE CS ❯

Well-equipped for outdoor use

Specially modified for outdoor use, the LUXANO 2 AUS luminaire easily withstands even the highest demands in unprotected outdoor areas.

Further product details of the LUXANO 2 AUS ❯

Anwendungsbild LUXANO 2 AUS

Anwendungsbild LUXANO 2 T40H50
In the temperature range from -40°C to +50°C

Whether extremely hot or super cold - no problem for the LUXANO 2 T40 H50. It can be used in cold stores or areas with high process waste heat, as well as in wide temperature ranges where temperatures can fluctuate significantly.

Further product details of the LUXANO 2 T40 H50 ❯

Strong for stables

Thanks to highly resistant LED modules with additional protective ­coating, our LUXANO 2 LW is permanently resistant to ammonia. This DLG-tested version for agriculture and animal husbandry is therefore ideally ­suited for use in areas with increased ammonia exposure, such as pigsties. Equipped with the ENEC test mark, it opens up access to subsidies from the Federal Energy Efficiency Program: Promotion of LED lighting in agricultural premises.

Further product details of the LUXANO 2 LW ❯

Anwendungsbild LUXANO 2 LW

Anwendungsbild LUXANO 2 ER DIMD
With that extra bit of resilience

Whether for dairy cattle, cattle or horse stables, but especially for use in poultry farming, the LUXANO 2 ER DIMD has that little bit of extra resilience and, with its dimming properties, complies with the relevant animal welfare regulations for poultry farming.

Further product details of the 2 ER DIMD ❯

Dimmed from 100 % to 0 %

The dimmable versions LUXANO 2 DIMD/DIMC and DIMC-Z not only enable simple, infinitely variable control of the luminous flux. They are also the basis for connecting the LIMAS Line light management system for intelligent control of the light as required.

Further product details of the LUXANO 2 DIMD/DIMC/DIMC-Z ❯

Anwendungsbild LUXANO 2 DIMD

Anwendungsbild LUXANO 2 IFS
Conforms to food standards

Modified for use in the food industry, food processing companies and their suppliers, LUXANO 2 IFS meets the strict requirements of the ­International Featured Standard Food (IFS). It can therefore also be used in companies that have to comply with HACCP guidelines.

Further product details of the LUXANO 2 IFS ❯

Safely out of the danger zone

With the emergency lighting versions LUXANO 2 ZB (for connection to central battery systems or emergency lighting networks) and LUXANO 2 MA (with built-in battery), you can always keep a safe eye on the escape route. Central monitoring of self-contained luminaires in accordance with DIN VDE V 0108-100-1 is reliable and extremely convenient with the ­LIMAS Line ESC light management system.

Further product details of the LUXANO 2 ZB / MA ❯

Anwendungsbild LUXANO 2 NOT


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The series listed here represent just a selection of our wide range of options.

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