Radio-based light management
system for industrial areas


In many areas of an industrial or commercial enterprise, there is considerable potential for saving energy. By using new technology, a lot can usually be achieved here - especially in lighting systems. This is how intelligently controlled LED lighting performs from the start to a noticeable reduction in costs and, in the sense of a sustainable corporate management, to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

With the radio-based LIMAS Air light management system, you can now make your lighting system smart in no time at all, easily and without any additional installation work.

Main features

The lights equipped with LIMAS Air communicate via a radio-based mesh network. Mesh networks organize themselves decentrally and are „self-healing” - should a luminaire/ component fail, the communication takes place automatically via a functioning „neighbor”. This mode of operation ensures a high level of reliability for the entire system.

By integrating various sensors, the lights are controlled efficiently and according to requirements, which leads to significantly reduced operating times and thus also to considerable cost savings. In addition, the service life time of the luminaires is extended.

It is not uncommon for production processes to change, and as a result, lighting requirements as well. If industrial interior areas are used differently, the lighting systems must also be adapted to the new visual tasks. The LIMAS Air light management system offers a high degree of flexibility and enables quick adaptation to new requirements.

TRIANO disc mit LIMAS Air Funkmodul


 Tailor-made and expandable
 Easily controllable
 Sustainable and cost-efficient  reduction of energy consumption and thus reduced CO2 emissions


SCHUCH high-bay and damp-proof light fittings in the DIMD version can be connected by using the LIMAS Air radio module. On
all SCHUCH DIMD high-bay luminaires with FastConnect plug the radio module can be easily connected (plug & play). Networking makes an additional line superfluous and thus saves additional effort, time and money.

Based on CASAMBI® radio technology and the Bluetooth radio standard, the lighting system can be controlled reliably with low power consumption and a large range.

If there are already DALI light fittings with CASAMBI® radio module in an existing system, these can be integrated. Using the free CASAMBI® app, the system can be configured simply and intuitively via smartphone or tablet. The various sensors
(e.g. motion or daylight-dependent) and actuators (e.g. buttons) specially developed for industry can be integrated and flexibly grouped accordingly. An overall comfortable and user-oriented control.


Areas of application

Einsatzbereiche Industrie


Einsatzbereiche Parkhäuser

Parking garages

Einsatzbereiche Gewerbe

Commercial enterprises

Einsatzbereiche Produktion

Production halls

Einsatzbereiche Lager

Warehouses & logistics


 Up to 250 participants (luminaires, pushbuttons and sensors) in one mesh network
 Different usage scenarios programmable  if requirements change, easy and quick regrouping 
 Daylight-dependent control
 Control via motion detection
 Animations can be realized (sequence of scenes or transition between scenes)
 Calendar and timer function
 Integration of battery- and wireless EnOcean pushbuttons
 Integration of conventional pushbuttons
 User-friendly user interface with floor plan display and location display of luminaires and components
 Readout of luminaire data (energy consumption, device version, dimming curve, etc.)
 Monitoring of the system with automatic failure notification
 Optional solution with gateway for central control and monitoring of the lighting system
 LIMAS Air lighting installation can be combined and controlled with wired DALI luminaires using the LIMAS Line PRO system

LIMAS Air Features

For an optimal lighting level and associated maximum energy savings, the motion detector and daylight sensor should always becombined. By a pushbutton the lighting can be manually overridden/ switched at any time.

Eins Daylight sensor
Zwei Luminaire with LIMAS Air
Drei Motion detector
Vier Pushbutton
Presence detection
Bewegungsmelder LIMAS Air


The motion detector ensures that the lighting is only switched on when people or objects with a temperature difference to the surroundings are present. In case of absence, the lighting is either completely switched off or dimmed to a preset level (such as 10%).

Daylight control
Tageslichtsensor - wenig Sonne


Depending on the amount of daylight, the light sensor dims the lighting to the desired level.

Tageslichtsensor - viel Sonne

When there is sufficient daylight the sensor switches the lighting completely off.

Tageslichtsensor - keine Sonne

At night, when no daylight is available, the lighting is set to 100% or to a different preset level.

The smarter the lighting system, the greater the savings.
If luminaires are only switched on when they are needed, this has many advantages: energy costs are reduced, CO2 emissions are lowered, resources are saved and the service life time of the luminaires is extended. The more concretely the duration and the intensity of need for artificial light are defined, the better the efficiency potential of LED lighting can be exploited.

Time management
Time Management


The light fittings are switched on continuously in the production hall during the entire operating time.

 Minor savings, as the luminaires are only switched off outside working hours.

Presence detection
Presence detection


Motion detectors capture the presence of people in the production facility. During breaks or when no movement is detected, the lighting remains switched off.

 Increased savings as the light system is controlled according to demand during working hours.



Daylight sensors measure the brightness in the production hall. This varies due to incident sunlight during the course of the day. The entire lighting system is continuously adapted to this and dimmed accordingly.

 Optimum savings, as each luminaire only provides as much artificial light as necessary.

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