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Sugar company Suiker Unie* - everything gets used

Founded in 1899 as “Eerste Nederlandsche Coöperatie Beetwortelsuikerfabriek” by 173 farmers in Sas van Gent, the Netherlands, Suiker Unie is now one of the major players in the European sugar industry.
Suiker Unie* processes beets from around 9,000 beet growers from all over Europe. A balanced relationship between sustainability and return is extremely important to them. We are continuously looking for ways to save energy sustainably, work more efficiently, conserve natural resources and limit emissions.

Suiker Unie* uses all parts of the beet. They are not only processed into sugar and sugar specialties, they also form the basis for, inter alia, bio-based products, pet food and "green energy". For example, the last remnants of soil are washed off the sugar beets by machines before they are processed further. The remains of the soil are used for enriching agricultural areas, in road construction and for dike reinforcement. The washing water is also processed. Together with beet residues, it is cleaned in the methane reactors at the Vierverlaten - Groningen site and converted into biogas. Suiker Unie produces over 25 million m³ annually, making it the largest producer of sustainable gas in the Netherlands.

Illumination of the settling basins with high quality light fittings from SCHUCH

The beet washing water is cleaned in large settling basins in the fields around the sugar factory. The settling plants were previously equipped with high pressure sodium vapor lamps. Now modern and energy-saving LED luminaires from SCHUCH illuminate a first part of the plants - more will follow successively. Suiker Unie* and its suppliers have had very good experiences with SCHUCH products in the past. The high quality of the light fittings convinced them, especially because of its reliability and functionality, which is utterly important for the company.

The VARIO–principle: variably adjustable luminous flux

The choice fell on the FILOS VARIO light fitting series. It not only offers a light, fiberglass-reinforced polyester housing, but it also has an integrated universal mast mounting system, a hinged and detachable gear tray and it can be opened without tools, that allows an easy installation. Above all, the FILOS VARIO scores with its variably adjustable luminous flux, because the fields borders on a residential area. All the luminaires installed at the plants are set to maximum luminous flux, the others close to the residential area are set to a lower luminous flux. Thanks to an integrated switch, the luminous flux can be set almost infinitely variable at any time on site.

In this way, the most varied of illumination requirements can be met with just one type of luminaire, optimal, energy-saving illumination can be guaranteed and the light nuisance of the residents can be reduced to a minimum.
A real win-win situation for everyone involved!

Learn more about our VARIO luminaires.

* Suiker Unie has been operating as the Consun Beet Company since July 2020

Zuckerfabrik Suiker Unie* at the Vierverlaten–Groningen site (The Netherlands)
Image gallery: Illumination of the settling basins with light fitting series FILOS VARIO
Menno Mulder - Offshore & Industrial Photographer

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