When is the right time to implement a light management system?

  • Right at the replacement of the conventional lighting installation?
  • Should you rather wait a few more years?
  • Perhaps financial resources are not available at the time of the replacement?
  • Or you might want to start with a small test installation to gain experience?

There is no unique answer to this question. But no matter how you decide, one thing is for sure: if standard light fittings have been installed, a simple retrofitting or conversion to a light management system is no longer possible. 

At this point the concept of „Ready for Light Management Systems“ (RFL) comes in!

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You have the choice - timing is yours!

The Ready for Light Management Systems (RFL) light fittings keep all options open and are prepared for retrofitting sensors and light management components. One or two Zhaga-compliant sockets integrated in the housing enable the subsequent, tool-free installation of the necessary components such as controllers, radio antennas and sensors. The use of autonomous sensors without connection to a light management system is also possible at any time.

Due to standardisation of the sockets according to Zhaga Book 18, you are not tied to a specific light management system. You can freely choose from all manufacturers who also use standardised Zhaga socket connections. If you choose the LIMAS System, RFL light fittings with HUB can also be combined with LIMAS light fittings. The underlying system of the light fittings is the same - pre-installed permanently (LIMAS) and retrofitted with HUB on site (RFL).



  • Implementation of a light management system is possible at any time
  • Tool-free, quick and easy installation of the light management system components
    1. Screw off the socket cap
    2. Screw on the system component
  • Standardised Zhaga-compliant sockets allow a free choice of the light management system
  • In case of using the LIMAS light management system, LIMAS light fittings and RFL light fittings (equipped with HUB) can be combined easily
In general, the following RFL versions are possible:
  • RFLO
    With Zhaga socket at the top of the housing for subsequent retrofitting of light management components e.g. a controller with antenna (see components for retrofitting)
  • RFLU
    With Zhaga socket at the bottom of the housing for subsequent retrofitting of sensors to control the light fittings self-sufficiently (see components for retrofitting)
    With Zhaga socket at the top and the bottom of the housing for subsequent retrofitting of both light management components and sensors (see components for retrofitting)

Further versions on request.


Available light fitting series in RFL versions


Outdoor and pole-top light fittings
Rope-supported light fittings
Plane surface floodlights
High bay light fittings

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