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The SCHUCH brand stands for many success stories, but especially for the success story of explosion-proof luminaires.

The protection of explosion-hazarded workplaces places much higher and more demanding requirements on a luminaire manufacturer than the use of technical luminaires in other industrial areas. The development, design and manufacture of explosion protected luminaires therefore requires a high level of expertise, a thorough knowledge of standards and operator regulations and a wealth of experience. Mistakes and negligence due to lack of knowledge or experience can have existential consequences for customers.

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Competence has to be earned. That is why, from the very beginning, we have focused on concentrating all our activities in-house. A strategy that we continue to pursue today.

Explosion Protection Competence Center:
  • Research
  • Innovation
  • Development
  • Certified laboratory center
  • Standardization work
  • Collaboration with universities and test centres
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Customised special solutions
  • In-house tool manufacturing
  • Close cooperation with LED and plastic manufacturers


Participation in national and international standardization committees

Early knowledge of developments in the standardization field is of paramount importance for the design of explosion-protected luminaires. We have been very active in this area for decades.

Currently, the head of our explosion protection development department is the chairman of the German working group and the international IEC working group for explosion-protected luminaires, the two most important bodies in this field.


SCHUCH is a pioneer and innovation leader in the field of explosion protected luminaires. In particular, the development of modern Ex long range luminaires is inextricably linked with the name of SCHUCH.


The first mining luminaire. It is used in large quantities in the coal mines of Saarland and the Ruhr area and even sold internationally to mines in South Africa. 1910

1929 The extensive range already included explosion-proof cast luminaires, junction boxes, switches and sockets.
After extensive development work, SCHUCH introduces the world's first Ex-protected linear luminaires with with electronic control gear. 1986

1989 Launch of the world's first Ex-protected linear luminaires for 2 pin base fluorescent lamps. A groundbreaking solution, because for the first time it was possible to use readily available standard fluorescent lamps in Ex luminaires.
The world's first Ex approval of an with electronic control gear with "end-of-life" shutdown, closing a safety gap in the operation of explosion-protected luminaires. Immediately afterwards, this technological innovation is officially incorporated into the standards. 1998

2016 ExeLed 1, the world's first Ex long-field luminaire with innovative casting technology for LED modules, is launched.
Through the consistent implementation of innovative LED solutions in all areas, we now have a uniquely wide and deep range of state-of-the-art explosion protected LED luminaires. TODAY



Satisfied customers are the best proof of good work.
Our customers around the world value the high quality and reliability of our products. They rely on our expertise and over 100 years of experience to give them the peace of mind they need in hazardous environments. These customers include not only the major players in the oil, gas, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, but also many large, medium and small companies in all sectors with hazardous areas and equipment. 
Many have relied on SCHUCH Ex luminaires for decades, some for over a century.

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Since the beginning of our company, we have set the highest standards for the quality of our products.


  • our own research and development departments
  • the VDE-certified laboratory center with highly precise measurement and testing equipment
  • decades-long development partnerships
  • trusting collaboration with renowned suppliers
  • concentration of manufacturing in Worms
  • high manufacturing depth
  • and our highly motivated employees

we have full control over all quality-relevant processes.

All explosion-protected luminaires are 100% our own developments, manufactured with our own tools in Worms, making them distinctive branded products made in Germany.