Decorative outdoor lights that protect the night sky

THE 2ND GENERATION OF pole-top light fittings

With the redesign of our pole-top light fittings, we are taking a further step towards the sustainable product design of our entire range of outdoor lights.

We have placed particular emphasis on the following product features:

  • Simple modular design
  • Tool-free replacement of ECG and LED board
  • No direct light emission into the upper half-space (ULOR = 0%)

It is precisely the latter that gives this next generation its name: BlackEdition. These versions help to protect the night sky by minimising light pollution and not emitting light directly into the upper hemisphere.

(Modifications with accessories such as ring mirrors influence the radiation characteristics.)

BlackEdition Logo

As easy adjustability of the luminous flux is also playing an increasingly important role in municipal street lighting, Generation 2 pole-top light fittings are also available in  VARIO versions. Our dip switch is easy to use and, unlike models where the luminous flux can only be set using an app, is still absolutely safe to operate even after decades.
With the introduction of the new generations, we now call all our luminaires by their names: Convince yourself of the positive features of the new CUPINA, PLANEO, CAPA, CILA and RETRO.

Tool-free replacement of ECG and LED board