Quite clever - quality saves resources and money

Don't be blinded by cheap offers on LED high bay light fittings.
If you look at luminaire values such as efficiency and service life apart from the purchase price, it quickly becomes clear, that cheap is often not worthwhile, but expensive and environmentally harmful in the long term. The high bay series TRIANO and TRIANO disc from SCHUCH show what quality means and why it pays off - especially in professional lighting solutions.

  Calculate by yourself: energy efficiency + service life = SCHUCH quality

sustainable - economical - triano

service life, energ efficiency, quality


service life

The lifespan of conventional industrial lights is usually 50,000 hours. A TRIANO, on the other hand, lives around 100,000 hours. While in 2-shift operation it only reached the end of its service life after more than 17 years, the cheap high bay luminaire is already at the end after approx. 8-9 years. Compared to a TRIANO, you need twice as many lights in the same period of time. With TRIANO lights, these additional acquisition, assembly and disposal costs are saved.

That is economical, improves the ecological balance and saves valuable resources.

energy efficiency

The efficiency range for LED high bay lights is quite large at around 120 - 160lm/W. If you look at high bay luminaires in the low price segment with a standard luminous flux of approx. 20,000 lm, their luminous efficacy is usually only between 130-135 lm/W. The efficiency of the TRIANO from SCHUCH, on the other hand, is considerably higher at >160lm/W. This gives it an advantage of around 25% in terms of power consumption. Extrapolated to a service life time of >100,000 hours, this is 3,000 kilowatt hours per luminaire. If a hall is then illuminated with 100 TRIANOs, for example, the savings over the entire service life are unbelievable 300,000 kilowatt hours. At a price of € 0.20 per kilowatt hour, that would add up to € 60,000 which could be saved.

This is gentle on the wallet and reduces the CO2 impact on the environment.


Quality gives security and ensures long-term, trouble-free operation. A matter of course at SCHUCH, because you will not find any merchandise from Far Eastern production here. SCHUCH high bay lights are quality products 100% Made in Germany, unique and unmistakable - they keep what they promise! From development to production, the experts in Worms have everything under control and guarantee a long-term supply of spare parts.

With SCHUCH you are always on the safe side - for more than 125 years.




Essential product features

   Extremely long service life
   Excellent efficiency values
   Flat, segmented die-cast aluminum housing
   High efficiency cooling fin structure
   Optimal heat dissipation with additional very good convection
   Reliable function even at higher temperatures
   Simple 1-point suspension
   Comfortable FastConnect quick plug
   Colour reproduction CRI > 80 (workplace guide lines)
   Impact resistance IK09
   ECG and LED board exchangeable
   Numerous options and variants:
      – Different construction sizes
      – Special areas of application
      – Optics: wide (B), narrow-wide (TB) or narrow beam (T)
      – Various light colours


Durable, efficient and of the best SCHUCH quality, these are the TRIANO and TRIANO disc high bay luminaires.
No matter which series you prefer, your decision is always economical and sustainable!