limas line ESC

Monitoring of self-contained emergency lights



LIMAS Line ESC allows DIN VDE V 0108-100-1 compliant, central monitoring of single-battery emergency lights. 

LIMAS Line ESC allows monitoring of up to 64 single-battery emergency light fittings on one DALI lines. The system can be expanded with up to three additional DALI lines. Two DALI addresses can be specified for fault signalling. This allows to transfer the error status to a higher-level system via relay modules. All MA-Z, DIMD MA-Z, DIMDI and DI single-battery emergency luminaires from the SCHUCH portfolio can be controlled and monitored with LIMAS Line ESC.

The LIMAS Line ESC system provides a user interface, that displays the current status and test results of the single-battery emergency lighting system. For convenient monitoring and functional testing, tests can be scheduled and automated. The test results are logged and, if desired, sent by e-mail. A 7” touch screen provides an easy operation of the system. With its customisable settings and technical specifications, it offers flexibility and reliability for use in different environments.


  • General realisation of energy cost savings with DALI emergency luminaires indoors (Light on Demand)

  • DIN VDE V 0108-100-1-compliant central monitoring of emergency luminaires with single battery

  • Automatic logging of the communication, function and operating duration tests carried out.


LIMAS Line ESC offers a variety of features for needs-based lighting control and for extensive monitoring of the light fittings. Thanks to the intuitive user interface, system settings can be easily adjusted.

Line PRO
Line ESC

User-friendly user interface

Motion detection (Light on Demand)


Daylight-dependent control


Conventional buttons can be integrated


Conventional switches can be integrated


Calendar function for configuring day-/time-specific lighting settings (scenes)

- -

Integration of the light management system in a higher-level building management system (BACnet protocol)

- -

Max. number of ballasts per system

192 64 64

Emergency light monitoring


Max. number of single battery emergency light fittings

192 - 64

System network (combining several controllers)

5 = 960 Leuchten - -


Browser App (iOS/Android) Touch-Display

Free (security)updates

DALI power supply necessary


IP66 Sensors


Installation by

Montagepersonal Endanwender Montagepersonal

Installation in

Schaltschrank Unterputzdose Schaltschrank / Wand

Floor plan of the given room can be reproduced rudimentary and then equipped and configured with the light fittings, sensors and buttons / switches

- -

System backups possible

Communication and power line in one cable

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