With the LUXANO 2, SCHUCH proves that high quality and a low price do not have to be opposites. High-quality LED/EVG are used in the luminaire, giving it comparatively high efficiency and a long service life. Closure clips made of stainless steel and installation-friendly components such as the variable cable entry or the FastFix system with sliding retaining clips are further examples of the luminaire's high quality, which is underlined by a five-year guarantee.

One series - many versions
This damp-proof luminaire is a true multi-talent!

  • As a standard LUXANO 2 damp-proof luminaire, it is suitable for use in humid and dusty rooms in trade, commerce and industry.
  • If the light fittings are to be connected to group or central battery systems or emergency lighting networks, this is easily possible with the LUXANO 2 ZB version. Another version with single battery and automatic self-monitoring (MA) is also available.
  • Modified for outdoor use, the LUXANO 2 AUS luminaire easily withstands even the highest demands in unprotected outdoor areas.
  • With a satin-finish polycarbonate cover tray, the LUXANO 2 IFS meets the strict requirements of the International Featured Standard Food and can be used in the food industry.
  • This light fitting is also available in a DLG-approved version for agriculture and animal husbandry. The LUXANO 2 LW impresses with its highly resistant, ammonia-resistant components and flicker-free light.

LUXANO 2 Anwendungsbild


But that's not all: the successful LUXANO 2 series has now been supplemented by a further version.

As HE VARIO, it combines two significant benefits in one luminaire: flexibility and maximum efficiency.
The luminous flux of SCHUCH VARIO luminaires can be adjusted at any time without tools via a dip switch in the luminaire. The different luminous flux levels that can be achieved in this way make this LUXANO 2 version extremely adaptable, universally usable and highly economical. And it can be said that the new LUXANO 2 HE VARIO is the top variant of the entire LUXANO series, because it also impresses with an even higher system efficiency, which leads to significantly reduced energy consumption - an enormously important advantage in times of extremely high energy costs.

Product benefits at a glance

General product highlights of the LUXANO 2 series
  • homogeneous illumination by using frosted diffusers, no individual light spots visible, comfortable perception of light and excellent glare limitation
  • high colour reproduction CRI > 80, according to the workplace guide lines suitable for nearly all plant locations
  • D-symbol, suitable for rooms with increased fire risk
  • closures made of stainless steel
  • variable cable entries on the short and long sides and on the topside
  • FastFix quick mounting system, with retaining clips made of stainless steel for variable mounting distances, without opening the fitting
  • ECG and reflector with LED-modules replacable by qualified personnel on-site (no single use light fitting)
  • future proof by using LED-modules according to Zhaga standard
Additional product highlights of the HE VARIO version
  • highly efficient design for reduced energy consumption
  • universally usable due to variable setting of the luminous flux, depending on the requirement
  • simple and quick adjustment on-site without tools
  • can be changed at any time (e.g. change of use of the premises with new requirements in regard to the level of illumination)
  • great versatility, thus economical storage due to standardization (only one light fitting instead of multiple versions)

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