Explosion-proof floodlights/ high bay of the premium class

125 years of experience and competence                                             
Since 1895 we have been developing and manufacturing explosion-proof light fittings. With this huge wealth of experience, we have developed into one of the world's leading specialists in this demanding field. Consistently we have made history with innovations that have shaped the market. Today, high-quality LED products characterize our portfolio, which is continuously supplemented and expanded with new developments. 125 Years SCHUCH


robust • highly efficient • extremely durable

The modular structure and the distinctive cooling ribs characterizes the design of the luminaire. Each individual LED segment is completely enclosed by cooling ribs, which creates a large cooling surface. The air flowing past (convection) leads to additional cooling of the segments. In combination with the separation of the device housing and LED segments as well as the direct connection of the LED modules to the aluminum housing, it produces excellent heat dissipation.

In conjunction with high-quality LEDs and electronic ballasts, these are the best prerequisites for a long service life of the components - even at high ambient temperatures.

Unique construction principle –
Perfect thermal management
  • Highly efficient cooling rib structure
    ↪ large cooling surface, very good convection
  • Direct connection of the LED modules to the aluminum housing
    ↪ excellent heat dissipation
  • Separation of device housing and LED segments
    ↪ thermal decoupling


ExSTREAM Thermomanagement


ExSTREAM Vorteile Lupen

Extremely durable

  • Lifetime L80 > 100.000 h at maximum permissible ambient temperature
  • Can be used from -30 ° C up to +55 ° C

Highly efficient

  • Luminous efficacy up to 136 lm/W
  • High energy cost savings
  • Short payback period

Installed quickly

  • Large Ex-e connection space in the device housing
  • 2 cable entries enable cost-saving IN / OUT wiring without additional junction boxes
  • Stainless steel bracket that can be swiveled by up to 90 ° in 5 ° steps
Luminous flux
Luminous efficacy
lm / W
Ta max
ExSTREAM 3er Module

Zone 1 / 21

IBExU 20 ATEX 1117  

IECEx IBE 20.0028

10.500 - 16.000 110 - 136 40 - 55 13
ExSTREAM 6er Module 20.500 - 32.000 110 - 136 40 - 55 18

Rounded values, technical developments reserved.


There is no alternative to quality. Therefore, only high-quality components with first-class properties are used in the ExSTREAM series. The robust construction made of die-cast aluminum is solidly processed and designed for long-term use in harsh environments.

Thanks to the modular structure and luminous fluxes of 10,000 lm up to 32,000 lm, conventional floodlights and high bay light fittings with high-pressure lamps up to 600 W can be replaced very efficiently.
Clever design simplify assembly, installation and maintenance.
Optionally available versions expand the application possibilities indoors and outdoors.




ExSTREAM Scheinwerfer

Universally applicable

Whether in the oil and gas industry, in chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical plants, refineries, tank farms, loading stations, port facilities etc., the floodlight series ExSTREAM e8820 can be used for almost all types of lighting tasks in potentially explosive areas.

Easy to assemble

With the swiveling stainless steel bracket, with which the angle of inclination can be adjusted in 5° steps, the alignment of the spotlight is extremely easy. A 0° installation with horizontal radiation downwards is particularly environmentally friendly. In this position there is no light emission into the upper half-space and the dark-sky requirements are met.

  • Narrow, narrow-wide or wide beam light distribution
  • ECG with DALI interface for dimming
  • Version for ambient temperatures down to -40°C
  • Seawater-resistant version (e.g. for offshore installations)

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ExSTREAM Hallenleuchte

Universally applicable

Production, assembly and storage halls in the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries, mills, paper mills, etc. are the typical areas of application of the high bay light fitting series ExSTREAM e8825. From greater mounting heights, they illuminate the potentially explosive areas safely and reliably.

Easy to assemble

You have the choice: either supended with Y-steel cables (2-point fastening) or directly on the ceiling with steel ceiling brackets. The required ring eyelets are included in the scope of delivery.

  • Narrow, narrow-wide or wide beam light distribution
  • ECG with DALI interface for dimming
  • Version for ambient temperatures down to -40°C

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