Industrial Light Fittings

SCHUCH IndustrieleuchtenPower stations, operations of the large chemical companies, laboratories etc. are areas of application preferred for installing SCHUCH industrial-type light fittings. Extreme ambient conditions, humidity, high dust and dirt deposits, aggressive chemicals, corrosive vapours and gases, low and high ambient temperatures etc. signify that great requirements must be fulfilled by certain lighting systems.

SCHUCH posseses an enormous experience in this field. Already very early in the history of the company – beginning of the 20th century – light fittings for application in industrial areas have been produced. Nowadays, the wide sales program has become a range that comprises one of the largest product lines of industrial-type light fittings in the whole branch.

SCHUCH Industrieleuchten

Individual solutions for the most different requirement

For the most different fields of the processing trade and industry with their particular problems and special conditions of application SCHUCH is able to supply intelligent solutions such as for:

  • the food industry
  • paper and pulp industry
  • compost works and waste incineration plants
  • galvanising plants
  • areas with heavy vibrations
  • areas with extremely high ambient temperatures up to +100°C
  • locations with high fire risk
  • areas with high dust and dirt deposits
  • areas where shot (sand and glass pearls etc.) is used
  • max. luminance intensities at high light point sources


Also for most complicated areas

Also for areas which are difficult to access and where a lamp replacement isn't an easy but costly matter SCHUCH can supply the right light fittings for induction-type lamp systems. This would be a convincing solution.

The people from the most modern coal-fired power plants „Schwarze Pumpe“ and „Lippendorf“ highly estimate the excellent quality of the SCHUCH light fittings. More than 25,000 pieces from all ranges have been installed there to the utmost satisfaction of the owners and operators.

Highly topical are the energy efficient solutions with new dimmable lamp systems of reduced connection ouput as well as LED luminaires which do not just save energy but which show quite short payback periods.

Competence and know-how in combination with an outstanding product quality are the best guarantees for the good success of the SCHUCH company in this demanding market over the long term.