New: LED series 7800… floodlight or plane surface floodlight? It is your choice!

New: LED series 7800… floodlight or plane surface floodlight? It is your choice!

Whatever your requirements are - whether you intend to illuminate buildings or facades, car parks, storage areas, industrial sites or construction sites, whether you intend to realise crane or fence illumination as property protection – Schuch’s new series 7800… is always the perfect solution, because the available range of optics offers you the possibility to apply the light fitting as floodlight or plane surface floodlight.

There are versions with two performance levels available with luminous flux up to 15,600 lm, respectively 30,060 lm and luminous efficacy up to 114lm/W, as substitute for light fittings with conventional lamps up to HIT 250 W, respectively HIT 400 W.

Due to the extremely flat design with discreet cooling rib structure, the light fitting offers a modern and elegant appearance. The impressive thermic management due to direct mounting of the LED modules to the die-cast aluminium housing provides a long service life of the light fitting.

Versions equipped with DALI interface (DIMD), 1-10 V interface (DIMA) or power reduction via 230V control input are available (dimming level as per customer request). Furthermore, there are versions available with connection to central battery systems and with integrated constant luminous flux function (keeping luminous flux at a constant level over the entire service life). Thus, oversized new project planning of the lighting installation can be avoided and additional energy cost savings can be realised.


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