NEW: LED plane surface floodlight series 7571..., 7572… and 7573…LED/A

NEW: LED plane surface floodlight series 7571..., 7572… and 7573…LED/A

LED plane surface floodlight series 7571…, 7572… and 7573…LED/A complete SCHUCH’s plane surface floodlight product range.






Similar to LED outdoor luminaire series 47, SCHUCH’s LED plane surface floodlights are equipped with high power LED modules with a service life L80B10 > 50,000 h. As usual at Schuch, service life specifications refer to the operation of LED luminaires at maximum permissible ambient temperature.

Special lens optics with asymmetric beam according to "multi-layer-principle" provide homogenous illumination of the whole surface. As every single LED illuminates the whole surface, there will be no dark zones in case of failure of a single LED - the regularity of the illumination maintains.

A luminous flux from 3,500 lm up to 14,000 lm and a luminous efficacy up to 108 lm/W makes the LED plane surface floodlights highly efficient and highly flexible. Variations with power reduction, with or without control phase, are available as well as variations with constant luminous flux function that keep the luminous flux constant during the whole service life. This leads to cost savings in comparison to conventional systems. Costly overdimensioning of a lighting system, usually done in course of a replanning, is not necessary anymore.  

The operating safety is guaranteed by overvoltage, overload, overtemperature and short-circuit protection of the electronic ballast as well as an additional temperature control of the LED modules.

Pole, wall or ceiling mounting by means of mounting brackets, single or multiple post tops is possible.

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