The TRIANO-family - Perfect high-bay for every space

The TRIANO-family - Perfect high-bay for every space

High efficiency and a long service life, even at high temperatures, are the hallmarks of high-quality LED industrial light fittings. These two product features and an attractive price significantly influence the economy of an investment.

The SCHUCH LED Industrial light fittings of the TRIANO series offer outstanding values. Furthermore, they convince with many remarkable advantages:
  • 4 sizes with luminous flux from 12.700lm to 61.200lm
  • highly efficient with light outputs up to 163lm/W
  • at least 70,000 to 100,000 hours of lifetime at maximum permissible ambient temperatures of + 45 ° C to + 60 ° C
  • comfortable Plug & Play connector for fast installation
  • easy and quick mounting with 1-point suspension
The distinctive design of the TRIANO light fittings ensures that all LED segments are surrounded by ambient air. Dirt deposits are therefore permanently prevented.
For all sizes TRIANO G2, TRIANO L and TRIANO XL MID, wide, narrow-wide and deep beam optics as well as the light colors 4.000K and 5.000K are available. In addition, dimmable versions, variants with constant luminous flux function, controlled luminous flux reduction, for connection to central battery systems as well as versions for use in food and beverage industries, in rooms with increased risk of fire or at high temperatures up to + 70 ° C.
With the launch of the TRIANO L, customers now have access to a complete range of LED industrial light fittings with 1-point suspension. So conventional high-bays from HME 250W to HME 1,000W or 2 x HIT 400W can be replaced with maximum efficiency.



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