Perfectly protected!

Perfectly protected!

LED luminaire series RESISTANT -
harmful gases have no chance

The requirements for the quality of light fittings are as different as the particular environments in which they are used. Corrosive atmospheres represent a very special challenge especially for LED lights.

So-called harmful gases such as ammonia in animal houses, sulfur compounds in tire production and storage or acid fumes in galvanizing and electroplating plants etc. can cause massive damage to LEDs. Depending on the concentration, temperature and exposure time the defect can raise up to total failure. Therefore, competence and experience are required. The advantages of LED technology can only be used permanently if the installed luminaires are developed for these critical areas.

The new LED light fitting series RESISTANT from SCHUCH -
trimmed for durability

Extremely robust, efficient and durable are the light fittings of the new RESISTANT series from SCHUCH. Specially designed for these applications they always provide the perfect lighting solution for these extremely demanding environments in three grades, from increased resistance to completely gas-tight. The RESISTANT series bundles lights with the special extra of resilience across all series and make it possible to illuminate corrosive areas in industry and animal husbandry optimal and long-lasting.


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