NEW: Small LED-Light Fittings for hazardous areas in zones 1/21

NEW: Small LED-Light Fittings for hazardous areas in zones 1/21
Small, compact LED luminaires can be used in potentially hazardous areas in various ways.
Mainly in safety and emergency lighting, but also wherever low illuminance levels are enough and conventional Ex light fittings from 1x 8W to 2x 18W have been used.
The e855 series was specially developed for general lighting, for use as an escape way light with a pictogram or for use as a central battery-powered emergency light fitting. The e856 series, on the other hand, is a pure emergency light fitting with a self-contained battery that can also be used with a pictogram as a sign or escape light.
Common to both lights is the innovative encapsulation of the LED modules, which is also applied in the extremely successful SCHUCH Zone 1/21 ExeLed series.
Additional glare elements lead to a pleasant perception of light, cause individual light points are not visible. Combined with the frosted PC diffuser which enables an excellent glare limitation.
Impressive is the long lifetime of at least 80,000 hours which applies to the maximum permissible ambient temperature – as usual for all SCHUCH quality light fittings. For the e855 this is +60°C, for the emergency light e856 versions with +40°C and +55°C are available.
All components are exchangeable (no single-use light fitting!) and easily accessible through the original SCHUCH central lock. For the e856 (+55°C) emergency light fitting, the NiCd battery is housed in a separate battery box, which is flanged to the face side of the luminaire.
Further options are versions with a DALI interface, and the e855 with monitoring modules for individual monitoring of the light fittings at central battery systems.

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