New: DUEVO MID industrial high-bay family

New: DUEVO MID industrial high-bay family

With the new DUEVO MID LED high-bay generation, SCHUCH has made a real quantum leap in illuminating industrial spaces.

A 35% higher maximum luminous flux of up to 81,000 lm and a 20% higher efficiency of up to 164 lm / W now enable a highly efficient and full 1: 1 replacement of conventional reflector high-bays from HME 250 W to HME 1,000 W or 2 x HIT 400 W.
The lifetime of minimum 100,000 hours (L70) at maximum permissible ambient temperatures of + 40 ° C to + 60 ° C is impressive, in special version even up to + 70 ° C. This is a convincing argument for the outstanding thermal management of the DUEVO MID design.
A large selection of:
  • Optics (wide, narrow-wide, deep and respectively oval beam for illumination of aisles in rack areas)
  • Light colors (840 and 850)
  • Additional Options (DIMD, DIMC, controlled luminous flux reduction, constant luminous flux function, connection with central battery systems etc.)
  • Special equipment (frosted cover for glare limitation, Plug & Play connection, ball sports proof)
  • Special models for specific applications (low temperature -40 ° C, high temperature + 70 ° C, food and beverage, rooms with increased risk of fire, galvanizing plants etc.)
  • mounting accessories (ceiling, wall and suspension)
complete the comprehensive range of the DUEVO MID family.
With their distinctive design and SCHUCH quality, the new DUEVO MID and DUEVO XL MID are the perfect lighting solution.



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