Your contact people in Worms

International Sales and Distribution

Function Name / Territories Contact
  Central telefax no.: +49 6241 4091-29
Tender preparation Netherlands, Stefan Schall
Order taking Austria, +49 6241 4091-23
Order processing Switzerland export [at] schuch [dot] de
Information as to time    
of delivery and prices   Christina Grund
Dispatch handling   +49 6241 4091-22
    grund [at] schuch [dot] de
  other countries Klaus Meyer
    +49 6241 4091-21
    meyer [at] schuch [dot] de
    Martin Geißler
    +49 6241 4091-20
    mgeissler [at] schuch [dot] de
    Alexandra Bold
    +49 6241 4091-527
    alexandra [dot] bold [at] schuch [dot] de

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Light technical consultation / Light planning

Name Phone Email
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Holger Brodhäcker +49 6241 4091-184 brodhaecker [at] schuch [dot] de

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Consulting service as to application technology

Name Phone Email
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Joachim Giesen +49 6241 4091-145 giesen [at] schuch [dot] de

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