Light fittings for wind power stations

Basing on individual requirements and in close coordination with the clients our engineers have developed most efficient solutions.

  • for the illumination of tower steps, lift cages and platforms
  • for gondola, hub or pitch illumination
  • for very high and very low temperatures (from -40°C up to +60°C)
  • for areas with vibrations or for offshore installations

Currently you may choose amongst quite a number of light fittings for mains and/or emergency operation (light fittings with their own internal battery set for -40°C as well). Every light fitting stands out for its particular individual advantages.

It is self-evident that light fittings with most modern LED technology are also part of our range of products. Especially in climate zones with very low temperatures LED light fittings offer clear advantages.

  • instant full light output
  • no luminous flux decrease
  • no life-shortening

Even for the emergency operation high-capacity LED solutions with high luminance intensities will be available.

Thanks to a good worldwide network of distribution partners we are close to you almost everywhere .

Our brochure "Light Fittings for Wind Power Stations" provides you with a good summary of the most important standard solutions. In case of special wishes/requirements for your particular case of application please consult us. We will gladly look for the best solution together with you.



Light fittings for Wind Power Stations

Light fittings for Wind Power Stations

More than 25 types of light fittings out of 4 type series - for onshore and offshore applications as well as for ambient temperatures from -40°C up to +60°C - can be supplied.

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