LED Light Fittings

LED revolutionise the illumination

The development of the LED has launched an effective technological change with regard to lighting engineering by excellently taking into account the mega tendencies of our time i.e. energy saving and environmental protection. Luminous efficiency will rise with every new LED generation and the LED's operation life will get longer. Simultaneously, energy consumption and CO2 emission will drop. These points make an application of LED interesting in more and more fields.


Advantages of the LED Technology

  • SCHUCH - LED-LeuchtenSCHUCH - LED-LeuchteSCHUCH - LED-Leuchteextremely long life of operation: ≥ 50.000 hours at a decrease of luminous flux of ≤30%
  • almost maintenance-free operation
  • flicker-free instant start
  • instant full light output even at low
  • excellent operating behaviour at low temperatures
  • raised luminous flux in low temperature range
  • robust against vibrations and shakings
  • infinitely dimmable
  • best suitable for high operating cycles
  • directed light - therefore no light immission in the upper space
  • no heat radiation in light direction
  • no infrared nor UV radiation
  • mercury free


System and variant variety to the advantage of our customers

In our product line more than 30 LED luminaire series can be found comprising over 110 types. Quantity and variety are permanently getting more and more.


In case of outdoor LED light fittings you may select between…

…various systems:

  • direct top down radiation
  • indirect radiation via a „head mirror“ located in the roof of the light fitting
  • direct radiation via a precisely adjusted combination of the optical light system and high polished reflectors

…various radiation characteristics:

  • with a Batwing light curve (LC) which is characteristic of street light fittings
  • axially symmetrical
  • or bi-directional (asymmetrical)

…and various additional funtions:

  • Output reduction (half night switching)
  • infinitely dimmable
  • luminous flux stability over the whole operation life


For example we can supply our LED Damp Room light fittings with different…

  • LED versions (Highpower-LED or Linear Modules)
  • optics
  • mirror systems
  • types of diffusers

Each according to the requirements of the area of application.


Almost all LED carrier plates are easily replaceable. Thus, all LED kits are easy to exchange for future more efficient LED carrier plates without any problems. To go without saying, we can supply LED retrofit kits for the most current types of light fittings for modifying the existing light fittings from the conventional to a modern LED system.

Furthermore and if wanted by our customers, we are also able to develop optimized solutions for special areas of application such as for wind power stations, air-conditioning plants, conveyer belts, manufacturing plants and many others more.

Despite all euphoria and the indisputable impressive advantages of the LED technology a realistic evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages in comparison to the conventional technologies should always be made simply due to the fact that such conventional systems offer highly efficient alternatives, too. This is the only kind of comparison for finding out the best solution for your particular application.