NEW: LED floodlight/plane surface floodlight 7700

NEW: LED floodlight/plane surface floodlight 7700

With the introduction of light fitting series 7700… a complete LED floodlight/plane surface floodlight range is now available, with which conventional 50 – 400 W halogen metal vapour high-pressure lamps can be replaced extremely efficiently.

The performance levels range from 4,300 lm to 34,800 lm with luminous efficiency up to 131 lm/W.

Both for the floodlight and for the plane surface floodlight variants, there are many optics available, ranging from asymmetric wide beam through extremely wide beam, wide/narrow and narrow beam to very low-glare.

The extremely flat design gives the light fittings a modern and elegant look.

The thermal management is outstanding due to the direct connection of the LED modules to the aluminium die-cast housing, as the service life value of 100,000 hours (L80) demonstrates impressively.

The light colour amber (1,800 K) is also newly available.

In fog, this “yellow light” is significantly less diffused than white light with a high blue content. The result is better visibility and therefore improved safety, which makes these light fittings highly attractive for lighting in port facilities, container terminals, loading stations and locks on inland waterways.

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