New: LED emergency luminaires for high ambient temperatures

New: LED emergency luminaires for high ambient temperatures

High ambient temperatures in production facilities are not uncommon. Since decades, SCHUCH offers various luminaires, emergency luminaires as well, for application at high ambient temperatures. From now on, these luminaires are also available as LED version.

The product features of the new emergency luminaire series 161/162… LED H50 are impressing:

  • Applicable at ambient temperatures up to +50°C in mains operation as well as emergency operation
  • With luminous flux up to 6,530 lm in mains operation and up to 850 lm in emergency operation suitable as substitute for conventional types up to 2x58W
  • Highly efficient with luminous efficacy up to 139 lm/W
  • High colour rendering CRI>80 allows application in almost all kind of industrial premises in accordance with relevant national workplace guidelines
  • Built-in maintenance-free NiCd-battery with electronic deep discharge protection and continuous maintenance charging
  • Automatic monitoring according to EN 62034, indication of the test results by 2-coloured LED
  • Future-proof by using Zhaga-conformal LED modules

The compact unit consisting of luminaire and emergency light components box, which are both mounted to a carrier rail, is available with 1h or 3h emergency operation. The frosted diffuser provides comfortable light perception – no single light points are visible, homogeneous illumination and excellent glare limitation. This new luminaire series is a reliable solution to benefit from the enormous advantages of the LED-technology even in emergency operation at high ambient temperatures.


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