New: Highly efficient LED sheet steel light fittings for application at rough industrial conditions

New: Highly efficient LED sheet steel light fittings for application at rough industrial conditions

Light fittings for fluorescent tubes with sheet steel housing are an ideal solution for commerce and industrial plants with rough ambient conditions as well as for paint shops and spray booths.

With the new series 181/182... LED, 190... LED and 191/192... LED SCHUCH is now able to offer a complete range of light fittings in which also the efficient and cost-saving LED technology can be applied. This point refers to almost all fields of application.

The three series of light fittings cover a wide range of luminous flux from 3,600lm up to 21,700lm. Thus, it is possible to replace the conventional versions for fluorescent tubes from 1x58W up to 4x80W as well as the luminaires for high pressure lamps from HME 250W up to HIE 400W. With their luminous efficacies up to 109lm/W the LED luminaires are highly efficient and the energy cost savings with these LED light fittings reach up to 51% in comparison with existing installations for fluorescent tubes. With dimmable versions savings up to 78% can be achieved subject to the dim position.

According to their equipment the LED light fittings are reliably applicable at ambient temperatures from +30°C up to +50°C. For low temperatures down to -40°C SCHUCH can supply light fittings with special equipment. All LED light fittings have quite a high colour rendition index of Ra > 80 and additionally they dispose of the "D" mark. Consequently, these light fittings are best suitable for application at almost all plant locations as well as at districts where increased fire danger due to combustible dusts and fibres exist. A particular point refers to the glazed safety glass which considerably contributes to a uniform illumination, a comfortable light perception as well as to an excellent glare limitation.

In order to protect the LED modules from contact and damage, the frameless glass cover and the reflector are bolted together in sandwich style and the original SCHUCH central locking system ensures that the two components are safely closing and permanently combined with the sturdy sheet steel housing.

The application of high quality standardized LED modules and ECGs provides the customers with the required security that is neccessary for long-term investment decisions with particular reference to future spare parts supply.

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