NEW: High-performance LED Floodlight

NEW: High-performance LED Floodlight

The new LED floodlight series 7900... LED is extremely impressive due to the high light output of its 42 Highpower LED.

The maximum effective luminous flux of the light fitting is 10,800 lm. Basing on a top performance of the system of 135W a light output of 80 to 97 lm/W is achieved. Therefore, it is considered an adequate alternative to a conventional 250W HIT/HSE floodlight by simultaneously reducing the energy costs up to 45%.

Every individual LED has got a specially calculated lens optics in order to ensure a uniform and effective light distribution. A narrow beam or a narrow-wide beam characteristic are optionally available.

The housing made from high grade copper-free aluminium alloy (British Standard Marine Grade BS EN 13195) is best suitable for applications at rough offshore conditions without any additional painting nor coating. The adjustable bracket as well as all external bolts and locks are made from stainless steel. This point is part of the standard equipment.

The LED and the ECG applied in this floodlight are made by well-known companies. The ECG has got quite a high excess voltage protection and it is protected against overload, short circuit and excess temperature. With these high-quality components and the ideal thermal management by directly connecting the LEDs to the housing, this floodlight could be planned for installation at extreme climatic conditions. The service temperature ranges from -50°C up to +60°C according to the individual equipment.

The whole design is vibration-proof and consequently the floodlight is best suitable for application under the roughest conditions. Upon request this floodlight may be equipped with an ECG for a wide voltage range from 120 to 277V/50/60Hz. This feature allows a universal installation of the floodlight throughout the world.

For indoor installations with high ceilings we can supply a particularly modified version.

SCHUCH LED floodlight 7900... LED can be considered an adequate alternative to conventional floodlights. It can be applied almost everywhere due to its unique product benefits.

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