New: Explosion-protected LED light fitting series ExeLed

New: Explosion-protected LED light fitting series ExeLed

Most modern LED technology for hazardous areas zone 1/21. After introducing the explosion-protected LED light fitting series nD866… for hazardous areas areas zone 2/22 in 2015, SCHUCH now expands its product range with the series e865… for hazardous areas zone 1/21.

Both light fitting series are marketed under the name ExeLed.
ExeLed 1 for hazardous areas zone 1/21 (e865…), ExeLed 2 for hazardous areas zone 2/22 (nD866…).

The most striking feature of ExeLed 1 is the innovative encapsulation of the LED modules. The special casting compound is perfectly suited for high quality LED light fittings due to its extremely high thermal resistance and its high transmission factor.

The robust enclosure and the sandwich design of diffuser and reflector avoid mechanical or electrostatic impact to the LED modules. With a luminous efficacy up to 142 lm/W and a luminous flux up to 9,260 lm, the light fittings are both powerful and highly efficient and can be used as a substitute for conventional explosion-protected light fittings > 2 x 58W. Depending on version, the light fittings are applicable for ambient temperatures from -30°C up to +55°C, special versions even up to +70°C.

A frosted diffuser ensures a comfortable light perception (no single light points are visible) and excellent glare limitation.

ExeLed 1 is approved for explosion group II C and thus applicable for hazardous areas with combustible gases like hydrogen or acetylene. Versions with dimming function (DALI interface) as well as special versions for hazardous dust areas zone 21 (series t868…) are also available.

With ExeLed1 and ExeLed 2, SCHUCH offers its customers a complete light fitting series with most modern LED technology for hazardous areas.


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