Highly efficient LED High Bay luminaire series 3301/3302...LED

Highly efficient LED High Bay luminaire series 3301/3302...LED

At times of permanently rising electricity rates the issue "Lowering the energy consumption" in the industrial sectors is of  an outstanding significance. Efficient LED High Bay luminaires with which even considerable expenses of operation and maintenance can be saved are therefore of great interest.

However, beware of comparing the LED High Bay luminaires available on the market. The lamp type that can be replaced by the product offered (HME, HQI-E, HQI-T, HCI) is first of all depending on the luminous flux of the LED projector.

Top level efficiency

With luminous fluxes of 13,600lm and 27,100lm and a power consumption of 134W and 268W with the wide beam versions the light fittings reach an excellent luminous efficiency of 101lm/W. Due to this fact these light fittings are among the most efficient systems available on the market.

In comparison with competing manufacturers going for aggressive pricing this means higher luminous fluxes up to 35%. Consequently, energy cost reductions up to 52% towards old plants with high pressure discharge lamps or even up to 79% in the dimming operation can be achieved. The fitting is dimmable via an integrated DALI interface. It is a standard feature.

Due to the optional constant luminous flux function keeping the luminous flux at a constant level over the whole life of operation of the LED and since a usually quite expensive oversizing in case of a new project planning is not required, a further energy cost reduction up to 9% is possible.

Also in the field of maintenance considerable costs will not incur since regular lamp replacements fall away.

Quality and user friendliness in detail

The light fitting made from die-cast aluminium comprises a gear section and 1 or 2 LED housings which are thermally isolated from each other. Depending on the number of LED housings the light fitting will replace a 250W or a 400W high pressure lamp version. The innovative design principle permits an excellent thermo management in combination with a modern extremely low-profile housing without an outsized cooling fin structure. Thus, quite intense sediments and consequently any negative effects on the thermal conditions are avoided as far as possible.

The components located in our light fittings are solely high-quality products and their manufacturers are well-known on the market. The high performance LED modules of luminous colour 4,000K and of a colour rendition index Ra ˃80 allow you to apply this luminaire at almost all kind of industrial premises in accordance with the workplace rules. An ECG with an overload protection, an excess temperature protection, a short circuit and overvoltage protection as well as with an additional temperature control of the LED modules are the basis of a top security.

Wide beam fittings as well as fittings with special narrow-wide and asymmetrically beaming lens optic modules for wall mounting with wall angles can be supplied. Besides these standard versions with safety glass pane the fittings can also be supplied with flat polycarbonate cover for application in food processing zones.

Further options: Dimming function via 1-10V interface, power reduction via 230V control input (dimming level as per customer request) e.g. for connecting a motion sensor as well as a constant luminous flux function for keeping the luminous flux at a constant level over the whole life of operation of the LED. Thus, a further energy cost reduction is possible.

Owing to the wide temperature range from -40°C up to +40°C the luminaire may be applied in cold stores as well as in production and storage areas.

The 8 feasible cable entries (lateral, on both sides or from top) allow you to easily integrate a through wiring system or a cost-efficient cable loop on one side by optimally matching the local conditions at the same time.