Explosion-protected Surface Area Inspection Light Fittings for the Automotive Industry

Explosion-protected Surface Area Inspection Light Fittings for the Automotive Industry

Many decades ago Schuch started to supply special explosion-protected light fittings for application in painting plants and in spray booths

The manufacturers and the end-users of such painting plants and booths highly appreciate the excellent quality and the long-life cycle of SCHUCH luminaires. This point does also especially refer to the automotive industry.

In order to widen this range of product SCHUCH can now also supply explosion-protected light fittings of series nD182...which are applied for inspection/check of the surface quality before and after the painting process.

Grinding structures on machined surfaces such as of auto bodies become visible due to the directed lateral light incidence of the luminaire with its parabolic louvered reflector.


nD 182 schwarzThe light fittings with their dull-black finish reflector are especially suitable for inspecting surfaces already processed and painted.

A distorted mirror image of the lamps on the surface means that in both cases there are dents or uneven sections in the material.

All these „surface area inspection light fittings“ are silicone-free.

The particular advantages of the SCHUCH luminaires - „Made in Germany“ are:

  • reliability and operational safety
    e.g. thanks to the excellent top-quality and very durable explosion-proof ECG that has been developed especially for SCHUCH and which comprises an integrated „end-of-lamp life“ switching-off system that automatically actuates at the end of the fluorescent tube's life

  • high friendliness of installation and maintenance
    thanks to the original SCHUCH central locking system

  • wide range of ambient tremperature up to 40/50°C
    at which these light fittings will operate without any problems

A combination with long-life fluorescent tubes from the AURA company permits an extremely long uninterrupted operating time of the whole system. This feature stands for very rare lamp replacements resulting in considerable economic advantages.

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