Excellent efficiency and light quality when illuminating high halls up to 25m - NEW: Now by means of light fittings up to 6 x 80W!

Excellent efficiency and light quality when illuminating high halls up to 25m - NEW: Now by means of light fittings up to 6 x 80W!

Illumination systems with reflector light fittings and high pressure lamps are still popular in the industrial sectors. However, this sort of equipment isn't just an inefficient solution but it also supplies a moderate light quality as well as quite a poor colour rendition.
Modern large area light fittings of series 192... ST from SCHUCH, however, are highly efficient light solutions with an excellent light quality.

Unmistakable and of an excellent quality

Already the product quality between the SCHUCH light fittings and most competitors' luminaires on the market shows quite a difference. The sturdy housings are entirely made from sheet steel. They are powder coated and their surface is smooth i.e. there are no external locks sensitive to pollution.

The frameless safety glass pane is combined with the housing via the internal original SCHUCH central locking system. Thereby, a permanently safe status of closing is ensured and a time-saving and convenient connection and lamp replacements are possible. Separate and consequently retrofit frames are the basis of a high flexibility of application to the client in combination with an economic storage just in case of need. Even in case of high ambient temperatures up to +55°C/+45°C the 4 x 80W / 6 x 80W luminaires will safely and reliably operate in combination with a durable industrial ECG.

Utmost efficiency and light quality

In comparison with hall light fittings with mercury vapour high pressure lamps energy cost savings up to 50% are achievable. In case of applying modern light control systems savings even up to 70% are possible.

Further possible savings can be disclosed for the user by applying longlife lamps with a three times longer life compared with mercury vapour high pressure lamps as well as an industrial ECG with a working life up to 100,000 hours.

The totally achievable energy cost savings as well as the lower costs for lamp replacements and maintenance purposes thanks to the long working life of the T5 longlife lamps and the industrial ECG will lead to the fact that the investment may be written off already after quite a short while of just 1 year.

As to the light technical side it can be pointed out that the SCHUCH large area light fittings are a highly efficient product. This point particularly refers to the reflector systems which have been designed for high luminance intensities and a reduction of the quantity of luminaires with special reference to the height of the luminous spot. These light fittings achieve an excellent operating efficiency of 97% and with a colour rendition index of Ra ≥ 80 they can be applied at almost all operating sites according to the workplace rules.