161... Vario - The first LED water proof light fitting with adjustable luminous flux

161... Vario - The first LED water proof light fitting with adjustable luminous flux

SCHUCH now offers a LED water proof light fitting with adjustable luminous flux, the new series 161... VARIO.

Contrarily to LED light fittings with only 3 fixed luminous flux settings, currently available on the market, series 161... VARIO allows variable luminous flux adjustments to nearly every value between 2,300 lm and 6,200 lm. Thus, not only the one-to-one replacement of light fittings with conventional lamps from 1 x 36W up to 2 x 58W is possible, but far beyond.

161... VARIO is the first light fitting that allows energy efficient optimization of luminous flux for each individual requirement.

Hence, the available energy savings potential can be fully realized. 

The designed luminous flux can be set easily without any tools. On-site, during installation of the light fitting, the customer can choose the optimal luminous flux setting according to the situation. The "right" lighting will be always ready to hand. Even afterwards illuminance alterations, e.g. in case of change of use of the concerned room, are possible at any time. Expensive changes or renewals of the lighting system can be avoid in most instances. This makes series 161... Vario highly flexible.

Since one single light fitting will be sufficient to replace conventional lamps up to 2x58W, widespread standardization combined with high economic storage can be achieved.

Like all other LED light fittings of series 161/162..., 161... VARIO provides homogeneous illumination without glare, no single light points visible, high colour rendering CRI>80, high luminous efficacy up to 130 lm/W, "D"-sign and life cycle L70 B10>50,000 h at maximum permissible ambient temperature. 


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